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Weight Loss

Obesity is endemic in our society. The risks of untreated obesity include but are not limited to: high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attack, arthritis, and sciatica. Weight loss has been shown to reduce risk factors for these and other chronic diseases. The National Institutes of Health has asked physicians to identify at-risk patients and encourage weight loss.

Dr .George Kamajian is pleased to offer a clinically proven weight loss program for the motivated consumer. We do not offer gimmicks, fad diets or “magic” injections that promise an over night metamorphosis. This Program consists of a restricted calorie deficit diet, FDA approved appetite suppressants , vitamin supplements, nutritional counseling and realistic exercise. It is based on science, common sense and evidence based medicine, all under physician supervision to maximize your health… for life.

Our physician will perform a comprehensive medical screen and evaluation, including an EKG, blood work and Body Fat Measurement. Our program will then be tailored to your medical history in order to insure your personal success. In the subsequent weeks our trained staff will support your journey to a skinner and healthier YOU.

  • Stage 1
    You will begin with a consultation that involves basic diet education with appropriate recommendations for your individualized program.Our physician will perform a comprehensive medical screen and evaluation including an EKG, CBC, Metabolic Panel, Thyroid function and Lipid profile. Finally, sensible exercise parameters and goals will be explained. This phase requires a weekly visit to assess your progress and monitor your safety. You will be prescribed medication which will include appetite suppressants, fat burners and vitamin supplements.
  • Stage 2
    After achieving your weight loss goal you will begin the transitional phase. You will be tapered off your appetite suppressants while your appetite slowly returns to normal. Typically you will be monitored over a four week period in which we continue to guide your progress and weight stabilization.
  • Stage 3
    Long term maintenance consists of a once a month visit to ensure your continued success and address any ongoing concerns.
We look forward to being your partner, for life. After all, it’s your health.
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