Winter Skin Tips

Maybe the terms “icy temps” and “frigid cold” don’t apply here in Florida, but it is winter and your skin is probably feeling it. For that reason, I’m dedicating this blog to Tips and Tricks to get through your Winter Skin Woes.

Rapid change from outside cold to indoor heat sucks the moisture out of your skin leaving you dry, irritated, looking dull, and can even lead to (gasp) premature wrinkles! So how can we avoid this…?

Let’s start In the Shower: Take shorter showers, I’m talking 10 min max. Heat and hot water feel nice at the time, but can strip your skins natural oils. *Bonus – your water and heat bills will be lower. Yay!! Switch from soap to a hydrating body wash, pat dry rather than rubbing, and immediately apply lotion help seal in moisture.

One Ingredient to look for is Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. Find it, and AVOID IT!! Without getting too into it, just know that sls is a detergent and a surfactant. It’s what makes your shampoo extra lathery. Although it is extremely common, found in everything from tooth paste to engine de-greaser (yes, you read that correctly) it can be incredibly irritating to the skin. Let’s be honest, now that you know this, do you even want to put it on your face? There is a ton of information and various studies about sodium lauryl sulfate available online, but my personal opinion…. There are better ingredients, and I stay away from this one.

Another thing you can avoid is Hand Sanitizer, its high alcohol content dries hands and nails. Wash with soap free cleansers instead and moisturize with lotion containing shea butter.

Moisturizers slow the rate at which your skin loses water, so choose a heavier moisturizer for winter. You can also add a serum to your regimen, Skin Ceuticals Hydrating B5 gel is a great choice! With regular use, small fissures in your skin will be repaired preventing potential dryness in the future.

Don’t forget about your Lips, they need a little love too. Use a soft tooth brush to gently exfoliate, and then apply a hydrating lip balm. Avoid “long lasting” lipsticks as they are very drying, and also fragrance which can be irritating. And don’t forget SPF, lips can burn year round.

Hands and Feet – I love this one! Slather on a deep moisturizing balm and cover with cotton gloves and socks to help seal in moisture overnight. Your hands and feet will thank you in the morning. My personal favorite is Raw African Shae Butter. The smell takes a little getting used to, but its well worth the benefit of smoother softer skin.

Purchase a Humidifier. This one is pretty self- explanatory. Running the heat dries out the air, a humidifier puts moisture back into the air.

Diet. Drink lots of water, this goes without saying, but skin needs hydration from the inside out. * Bonus points if you add lemon. Avoid excess caffeine as it can have a diuretic effect. Eat foods with high water content such as: apples, cucumbers, celery, tomatoes, zucchini, carrots, and cantaloupe. Increase your omega-3 (found in fish) and omega-6 (primrose oil), both replenish skins natural oils. Also make sure you are getting enough vitamin c and zinc to support healthy collagen and elastin production.

One last thing while you’re in your fridge. Masks: you might have read about my love for masks during our “masktober” event here at Dr. K’s. I love the products we carry here at the spa and use them in my daily regimen, but in a pinch a DIY mask at home can be great also. Honey, avocado, yogurt, olive oil, bananas, and aloe are all very hydrating. Mix what you like together into a paste and apply to your skin. Wait 10-30 min and rinse. Follow with moisturizer and voila! You’re Welcome!

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